Monday, September 26, 2022

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How Apple gets to $1 trillion in revenue


From Apple: Thief, post Saturday to Galloway’s No Mercy/No Mallice

From “Apple: Thief,” posted Saturday to Galloway’s No Mercy/No Malice

Revenue of $1 trillion won’t be found in a single category. Few
categories even offer a $1 trillion market, and market dominance in any
category comes with problems. It’s better to have a 20% share of five
markets than 100% of one… A trillion in revenue will require stealing
markets from incumbents. It’s already happening in Big Tech: Amazon flew
head-on into the cloud, Microsoft is eating gaming, and in the next
decade we will see The Great Heist: $1 Trillion Edition. One company is
best poised to ascend to the Iron Throne of theft…. …


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