Monday, September 26, 2022

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The landmark Apple vs. Ericsson trial over 5G will start in June 2023


Unless an agreement is reached, the Apple versus Ericsson 5G patent
battle will not even start being heard in the US until June 2023.

The order to start the trial in June 2023 is accompanied by an order for
the pair’s attorneys to have a scheduling conference on March 16. The
scheduling of the trial, versus a scheduling of either parties dismissal
motions is notable. Historically, based on Judge Gilstrap’s previous
cases, this suggests that he will either not hear either dismissal
motion, or isn’t putting a lot of credence on the filings for
dismissal.The filing, first noted on Wednesday morning by Foss Patents,
is later than Apple wanted, and earlier than Ericsson desired. …


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