Monday, September 26, 2022

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Apple Watch detects symptom of thyroid issue months ahead of diagnosis


A nursing student in Australia is encouraging Apple Watch owners to
enable heart rate notifications, after the wearable device detected
symptoms of a thyroid condition months before being diagnosed.

Apple’s heart rate notifications have helped numerous people detect
issues with their heart, prompting them to go and seek further medical
assistance. In a recent posting to TikTok, it’s shown the wearable device
can detect very early changes that could end up being diagnosed months
later.Posted on February 2, TikTok user Lauren encouraged viewers of her
video to enable notifications for detecting low and high heart rates,
irregular rhythms, and for cardio fitness levels. In the video, spotted
by The Independent, the Sydney-based nursing student admitted that she
should’ve enabled the features earlier than she did, as it had medical
consequences. …


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