Monday, September 26, 2022

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Apple considered adding Face ID to 24-inch iMac


Apple allegedly considered adding Face ID to its refresh of the 24-inch
iMac, but the Mac maker is more likely to add the biometric security
feature to a desktop Mac display long before it lands on a MacBook Pro.

Apple’s introduction of a display notch in the 14-inch MacBook Pro and
16-inch MacBook Pro opened up the possibility of Apple bringing Face ID
from the iPhone to the Mac. While the notch strongly points to it being a
future inclusion, it seems that Apple was looking in another direction
for the transition.Rather than a MacBook Pro, Apple’s first real
consideration for Face ID in a Mac was for the 24-inch iMac, according to
Mark Gurman in his Bloomberg “Power On” newsletter. It is claimed “Face
ID was in the cards for the original M1 iMac.” …


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