Monday, September 26, 2022

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Developers React To 27% Commission With Astonishment and Anger


“Developers reacted with astonishment and anger at Apple’s 27% commission
policy as a minimal form of compliance with a new antitrust law regarding
the App Store,” reports 9to5Mac. After being ordered by Dutch regulators
to allow developers to opt-out of the App Store payment platform, Apple
announced today that it “would reduce its commission by only three
percent” from the 30 percent commission it typically charges developers,
reports 9to5Mac. Additionally, Apple said it would “impose onerous
administrative overheads — such as applying for permission to use a
specific API, maintaining a separate version of the app, and filing
reports with Apple.” 9to5Mac highlights a number of reactions from
disgruntled developers: Macworld did a great roundup of reactions to this
by a number of well-known developers: “Apple was blasted by developers on
Twitter who took issue with the exorbitant fee. Steve Troughton-Smith
called the move ‘absolutely vile’ […] Marco Arment wrote that you ‘can
just FEEL how much they despise having to do any of this.’ Others noted
that it ‘defeats the purpose of the law’ and that developers will still
need to pay at least 3 percent to the payment provider, thus negating
even the small savings.” Steve Troughton-Smith retweeted our story, and
commented: “Absolutely vile. This says everything about @tim_cook’s Apple
and what it thinks of developers. I hope the company gets exactly what it
deserves. Everybody on their executive team should be ashamed, and some
of them should not be here when it’s all over. We all see you.” Marco
Arment highlighted the conditions imposed by Apple: – Separate app, only
available in Netherlands – Cannot also support IAP – Must display scary
sheets before payment – Website links are all to a single URL specified
in Info.plist with no parameters – Must submit monthly report to Apple
listing EVERY external transaction Adding: “And after you pay your ~3% to
your payment processor, Apple’s 27% commission takes you right back up to
30%. Glorious. Come on, THIS is comedy. Amazing, ridiculous comedy. I’d
be surprised if a single app ever took them up on this. (And that’s
exactly by design.)” …


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