Sunday, October 2, 2022

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How AppleInsider staff continue to work from home, two years later


All AppleInsider staff work from home offices but how we do it became
suddenly more relevant when COVID-19 forced so many people to do the
same. Two years after the first time we talked about it, here is how
we’ve each moved on and what new gear we now rely on.

Seeing how other people set up their working desks did become almost
practical when the coronavirus pandemic forced so many to work from home
for the first time. But otherwise, there’s no justifying it, there is
simply something interesting about how other people work.What’s surprised
AppleInsider staff, though, is how much things have changed in the two
years since we first looked at this. On the one hand, all of the staff
were already working from home so we had experience to share, yet in this
one sense we weren’t dramatically affected by the pandemic. …


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