Monday, September 26, 2022

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Wi-Fi 7 speeds are almost as fast as Thunderbolt 3


The next generation of consumer wireless networking could provide
connections with extremely high speeds, with initial demonstrations of
Wi-Fi 7 delivering about the same speed as Thunderbolt 3.

Current consumer electronics generally support Wi-Fi 6 and earlier
technologies, with a few starting to use Wi-Fi 6E. Though it could still
be a while away from being adopted in consumer hardware, it seems that
hardware vendors are starting to test out the technology.Semiconductor
producer MediaTek has been demonstrating Wi-Fi 7 to “key customers and
industry collaborators,” including a successful completion of the world’s
first live demo, reports Digitaltrends. The test included a demonstration
of MediaTek’s WiFi 7 “Filogic” technology, to help achieve the maximum
speed capable of the upcoming standard. …


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