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How do you choose the best performance shirt?

If you remember, Hardy Amies once said, “A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them.” Men look good when they are formally dressed and if you are thinking of buying the best dress shirt, then I must recommend you to buy the Performance dress shirt. So, what is a Performance dress shirt? Is it some type of stuff which you will be wearing during your performance? Sounds funny? But actually, the Performance Dress shirt is the best dress shirt which is wrinkle-free and looks good and professional all day long. Also, they are the type of material that doesn’t require ironing.

Now the next question that arises is, how do you select the best dress shirt among other shirts? Does it come with a label of Performance shirts? Below for your convenience, I have listed some points which will help you to select the best performance shirt. What are you waiting for? Let’s have a look.


1) Exact shoulder fit

– A tailored dress shirt’s sleeve seam should hit around the peak of your shoulder. Because most mass-market shirts are cut overly big, the seam will frequently slide down onto the arm. If the shoulder seam is rubbing against your neck, the shirt is excessively tight, which is usually due to the armhole form.


2) Neckband

– Before you think, the neckband is the band in the neck, it simply means collar. When set flat, the collar size can be measured in inches from button to buttonhole. The most typical size range is 14″ to 18″. You ought to be able to clip the collar smoothly and also have room for two fingers. If you infrequently wear ties or button the button-up of your shirts, the collar size may be a little smaller/larger than your exact size. In other words, if you’re not going to use the top button, don’t stress the collar size.


3) Fit for a chest

– The finest dress shirts provide such a wide range of movement by wearing comfortably all-around chest, under the pits, then across the upper back. Fitted shirts are snug, but not overly so. The chest should “fill out” the shirt so that your body can be seen somewhere under the fabric. It’s too tight if the buttons tug when you’re standing motionless with your arms down.


4) How a shirt’s armhole should fit

– The shape and size of a dress shirt’s armhole influence how the shirt drapes in the chest, shoulders, and pit. Most shirts with Small-Medium-Large sizing have large armholes to accommodate a variety of body types. It’s not good if you see fabric hanging below your arm. The armhole must be tailored to give you a tapered feel beneath your arm while yet allowing you to move freely.


5) Exact fit for Body/Waist

– When tucked in, a proper dress shirt should taper from the chest to the waist, following the body’s curves and leaving a neat line between the shirt and the pants. Two vertical back darts centred over the small of your back are common in a great fitted shirt, allowing the shirt to taper at the waist.


6) Sleeves: an important part

– Tailored shirts have a higher armhole, which enables for a tapered length that follows the contour of your arms without adding extra fabric. The cuff should fall directly at the base of the thumb when buttoned. Your arms, like your chest, should fill out the sleeves of your shirt without leaving any surplus fabric.


7) Width

– The hem of your shirt should be long enough for you to wear it tucked or untucked without discomfort. There are two ways to find it: The tail of your shirt should fall just past the rear pockets of your pants when it is untucked and buttoned. The second method is to extend your arms above your head while tucked in and see if your pants’ tails pop out. If that’s the case, your shirt may be too short.



– A Performance shirt is the best dress shirt and is far more flattering than the contrary, whether you’re short, tall, skinny, or athletic. Find your Hugh & Crye perfect fit and discover what it’s like to wear an excellent fitting shirt off the rack now that you have a solid concept of what fitted dress shirts should look like.


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